ion eXtra™ 30 Day Supply

95% of all cases of hypertension are caused by the loss of capillaries and nothing else. Only ion eXtra™ treats this underlying cause of high blood pressure. ...


Skin Marvel™ 30 Day Supply

Skin Marvel™ is not a cream or lotion. It is a small natural daily capsule, based on the latest research, which ensures that the skin is kept healthy. ...


Agility Plus™ 30 Day Supply

More gain, less pain! Use science to enhance exercise and sport experience. Just one capsule per day ensures proper body electrolyte balance during normal exercise, meaning no muscle soreness. ...


Equiwinner™ Horse Patches - 10 Day Course

Equiwinner patches work by activating body cell signalling to ensure that all of the horse's electrolytes are working efficiently. This cannot be done by just feeding electrolytes. ...


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