Optimum blood pressure with no side effects. The ion eXtra capsule seals small amounts of electrolytes, (sodium, potassium, magnesium, carbon and chloride) within a patented coating. The coating is permeable to gas, including water vapour, but not to liquid water. The solid electrolytes within the capsule are surrounded by water vapour molecules in the same manner as if the electrolytes were dissolved in water, so that it is likely that the epithelial cells in the digestive system recognize the presence of the electrolytes as a surplus.

Ion transport would normally be activated to remove the surplus, but the electrolytes cannot be removed because they are enclosed within the capsule coating. Each capsule stays in the body for about twenty-four hours. The electrolytes sealed in the capsule pass through the body unchanged as they are being used, and so are anticipated to continue to provide an apparent surplus of electrolytes for approximately 24 hours.

The capsule is a patented system for presenting a balance of electrolytes to the body. Spent capsules may sometimes been seen after use in the toilet. This is normal. It is time to stop worrying about blood pressure.


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ion eXtra

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    30 one-a-day capsules